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What is the difference between good sex and great sex? Good sex is just about having an orgasm, and great sex is about anticipating an orgasm. This means thinking about the finish line as the icing, not the cake because why would you want to miss out on any of the yummy goodness?

Even if foreplay is a focus of your couples play, the goodies aren’t going anywhere.  So let’s take our time getting them?

Do you as a couple bother with the rest of the body? There are many other parts of your body that are insanely sensitive.  As a couple why not spice up the love by tying some other parts of the body such as the back of your knees, the arch of your foot, inside of your elbow and even the back of your neck. As you experiment with other parts of the body this will bring you more pleasure.

You just might be surprised at how sexy it is when your spouse runs their tongue along the length of your spine so slowly that you can hardly stand it. The key to this is to surprise your spouse with something new and leave them guessing for what will be coming next.

How do you go about slowing down and wandering outside of the proverbial lines?  Here are a few ideas on how to get started.
1.     As a couple will want to make the oblivious body parts off limits. When you can’t touch the easy-to-spot goodies, you’re more likely to discover other parts of the body.  With your couples play when you find other parts of the body to focus on you will find that your foreplay will become more exciting as you get to know the other parts of your spouse’s body and what make then get excited.

2.    Take the egg timer out of the kitchen and put it in the bedroom.  Pick some part of the body that you want to focus on and flip the timer.  Focus on that part of the body until the timer runs out.  Then move to the next part no matter how much you partner begs you to stay longer.

3.    Put off the grand finale for a few days.  Sex doesn’t have to end in orgasm.  Orgasm is not the only way to experience pleasure. You as a couple may be surprised at how much you slow down and focus on other body parts when the only goal is to enjoy, then when you finally decide to go for it you will be surprised at how good it feels.

The point is to mix thing up and be creative when it comes to intimacy.  As you think of you spouses body as a vast pleasure this will bring you closer as a couple. It may be uncomfortable when you first try this technique the more you experiment with your spouse’s body then it will leave them guessing what will come next.

There’s a reason that we don’t order the same thing on the menu.  No one is stopping you, but would it continue to satisfy? This is why we want to mix up our love making with our spouse.  We want to keep the intimacy alive and not always having the same thing so mix thing up in the bedroom so that you spouses will always be guessing on what will come next with your couples play.

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